Ageratum Wallpaper

They are grown for their flowers, especially the Flossflower / Ageratum houstonianum. Many are useful for bedding and bordering or in rock gardens.

Most common ageratums, "Hawaii" for example, are a short 6-8 inches when full grown. Tall ageratum are also available in seed catalogues, but rarely in retail stores. They are about 18 inches in height with blue flowers.

Ageratum WallpaperAgeratum Wallpaper

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Butterfly Bush Flowers

The butterfly bush is a fast spreading, often invasive shrub. It will grow in a variety of conditions easily. In fact, a butterfly bush is very hard to kill. It will survive just about any circumstances. The butterfly bush originated in Chile, however most species available today come from China.

Butterfly Bush FlowersButterfly Bush Flowers

Butterfly Bush PlantButterfly Bush Plant

Butterfly Bush GardenButterfly Bush Garden

Lilac Tree Flowers Wallpaper

Lilac Tree are average sized, flowering shrubs. They are typically hardy to zones three through seven. Some types of lilacs are especially cold hardy, and can survive in areas as cold as zone two. Lilacs are typically valued for their bright, fragrant blooms that appear during the spring months. Native to Europe and parts of Asia, lilacs make a wonderful addition to any garden.

Lilac Tree Flowers WallpaperLilac Tree Flowers Wallpaper

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